Prit Pal Singh Betab originally belongs to village Kharhi Sharmsaal Distt. Poonch. Born on 26th July, 1949 AD ,Betab graduated from Govt. Gandhi Memorial Science College Jammu, passed his Masters Degree in Political Science and LLB (professional) from Jammu University and joined J&K Government as Under Secretary in 1977 AD as a K.A.S. Officer. A face of modem Urdu poetry in J&K State, Betab published his 1st collection of Ghazals and Nazms entitled "Pesh Khyma" in 1980 AD which received "Best Book Award" from J&K Cultural Academy in the year 1981-82. Betab published his second collection of poetry in 1984 AD entitled "Saraab-Dar-Saraab"and third collection entitled"Khud Rung"in 1995.

The"Third Strand"a translation of Betab's Urdu Nazms in English was published by "Writers' Workshop Calcutta" in 1999 AD. Another Ghazal collection of Betab in Devnaagri Script entitled "Cactus-Aur-Gulab" was also published in the year 1999 AD. "Mauj-e-Reig" a collection of Betab's Ghazals published in the year 2003 AD received "Bhasha-Bharti Sammaan 2004-05" from Central Institute of Indian Languages Mysore (An Award carrying a cash of Rs. 25,000/- plus a Shawl and Momento etc.).

Betab's poetry has been published in scores of literary magazines in India as well as Pakistan and some other countries also. Betab has attended hundreds of seminars, mushairas in variuos cities of India so far. Among other prominent awards received by Betab are"Subhadra Kumari Chowhan Janam Shatabadi Samman" 2004 AD, "J&K Saadique Memorial Award", 2005 AD," "Mohd. Din Banday Award", "Jammu Kashmir Rattan Award" by Gemini Academy Haryana & Muhsin-e-urdu Award by Anjuman-e-Taraqqi-e-Urdu Hind.

Some Urdu Magazines like "Shair" Bombay, "Sabaq-e-Urdu" (Allahabad) and "Sarsabz" Dharamshala have published special numbers in connection with Betab's poetry. Betab belongs to the Genre of Urdu Poets originated in the 8th decade of 20th Century as a second line of modem Urdu literature in Indo-Pak sub continent. After the completion of 8th decade of 20th century Betab immediately succeededin carving out his place amongst the predecessors as well as the contemporaries.

Professionally Betab has been a member of Indian Administrative Service and has served in upper echelons of J&K Administration.

Betab basically belongs to a village located on Line of Actual Control in J&K State. Moreover despite the fact that he belongs to Sikh Community he has succeeded in carving out a prominent position as a poet in the world of Urdu literature, a fact which speaks volumes about his talent and hardwork in the field of urdu poetry.

Though having Punjabi language as his mother tongue, Betab got himself recognized as an Urdu Poet throughout the Urdu world. Thus Betab has indeed contributed a lot towards mutual tolerance and sense of integration between different linguistic and ethnic groups. Betab has thus emerged as a very strong symbol of linguistic, social and national integration of Indian intellect.

Prominent Urdu critics like Shamas ul Rehman Farooqi, Sikander Ahmed, Jagan Nath Azad, Balraj Komal, Abul Kalam Qaasimi, Armaan Najmi, Sulemaan Athar Javed from India and renowned Urdu critics like Anwar Sadeed, Qaisar Najafi, Rashid Amjad,Rehana Shabbir Ahmed etc. from Pakistan have written articles on Betab's poetry.

Presently Betab is working on his Autobiography to be published in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi & English. The autobiographical work of Betab is likely to comprise among other factors, Political & Social upheavals of J&K during the IInd half of twentieth century. A Collection of most modern poems of Betab under the name and style of "Nuqta-e-Nau-Gurez is also under consideration. Simultaneously Betab is working on another collection of his poetry translated in English.


During disturbances of 1947, Poonch area of J&K became battle between forces supporting Pakistan and India. We belong to a village named Kharhi Dharamshala (now situated exactly on LOC just adjacent to Poonch city across riverlet Betaar.

Amidst expectations of forces supporting Pakistan occupying Poonch city. My parents migrated to Indian areas with 3 years old son and 5 years old daughter. They could not settle at one place out side J&k, with a hope of again going back to Poonch city which had ultimately remained within Indian side of LOC.

During their wilderness I was born on 26th of July 1949 when they happened to be in Ambala( then Punjab and now Haryana).

For two three years I got Primary education in Government Primary School Poonch. 6th class was also passed in Government Higher Secondary School Poonch. 7th to 8th classes were passed by me in MLM Higher Secondary School Ferozpur, Punjab.

Higher Secondary was passed in SRLM Higher Secondary School Jammu, BSc. in GGM Science College, Jammu and LLB & MA Pol. Sc. in Jammu University. Dr. Gayan Chand Jain who was HOD of Urdu in Jammu University in 1970s was a friend, Philospher and guide.

Thakur Poonchi a renowned short story writer and noverlist also acted like a guide during this period. Thakur also belong to the Poonch City.

Passed Kashmir Administrative Service exams and joined as under Secretary to Government in Civil Scretariat of J&k Govt. in November, 1977. My Nazms and ghazals were regularily being published in SHAB KHOON ( Allahbad) SHAIR Bombay, SUBH-E-UMEED Bombay, ALFAAZ (Aligarh) etc..When first collection of my nazms and ghazals PESH KHYMA was published in 1980 which got best book award from J&k Academy of Art, Culture & Languages. Preface of Pesh Khyma was written by Shams-ur-Rehman Farooqi. Meanwhile I was working as Under Secretary to Government in J&k Civil Sectt when I got promoted as Deputy Secretary in 1984. During the year 1984 itself Second collection of my ghazals was also published under the name and style of SARAAB-DAR-SARAAB. I was being invited in All India Mushiaras of Radio Kashmir, Jammu, Radio Kashmir, Srinagar, Doordarshan Jammu and All India Radio Bombay etc. My third collection of Urdu nazms and ghazals waspublished under the name and style of KHUD RANG. Preface of Khud Rang was also written by Shams-ur-Rehman Farooqi.

Participation in All India Mushiaras earned me friends like Makhmoor Sayeedi, Kumar Pashi, Shehryar, Nida Fazli, Baani, Shahid Mahuli, Kamaal Ahmed Siddiqui, Mazhar/Imaam, Krishan Kumar Toor, Sheen Kaak Nizaam, Azaad Gulati, Hassan Kumar.

Prof. Jagan Nath Azad being a neighbourer in Gandhi Nagar, jammu wasa very close to me and almost acted like a guide.

During my services in Civil Secretariat I had to move with Darbar Move and remain at Jammu during winter season and at Srinagar during summer season. I used to reside in Govt. accomodation 9-c, Govt Quarters, Gandhi Nagar Jammu. At 8-C used to reside Hakim Manzoor an urdu poet who was also a GOvt. Servant. Prof. Jagan Nath Azad used to reside in 25-A Govt Quarters. 'Abid Munawari' another local Urdu poet used to live in Gandhi Nagar only. Thus we had almost daily literary interactions.

During 1999 my two books were published:-

(a) 'The Third Strand' an English translation of my poems published by 'Writers Workshop Calcutta'. Aziz parihaar translated my poetry into English.

(b) 'Cactus Aur Gulab' a collection of ghazals in Devangiri script.

(i) I attended Kavi Bharti II at Bharat Bhawan Bhopal in Oct-1990. (ii) Galib Institute All India Mushiaras in AIWAN-E-GHALIB regularly since 7-8 years. (iii) Red Fort All India Urdu Mushiaras. (iv) Sahitya Academy Seminars/poetry recitations in Bhopal, Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu etc.

During 2003 'MAUJ-E-REIG' a collection of my ghazals was published which fetched me 'Bhasha Bharti Sammaan, 2004-2005 from Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.

During the year 2008 following books were published:-

* Nazim Ikiswin Sadi a collection of my nazms.

* Shehr-e-Ghazal, a collection of my ghazals in Devnagiri Script.

* Sarsabz, an Urdu monthly from Dharamshalla published a full fledged special number in respect of my poetry.

'Shair' Bombay and Sabq-e-Urdu monthlies have also published special "Goshass" regarding my poetry.

While I have attended Urdu Mushiaras / Seminars etc. in cities like Bombay, Bhopal, Lucknow, Mysore, Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu, Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur, Phagwara, Bathinda etc. I have also travelled to places like Port Blair, Tripura, Jaipur, Ajmer, Ooty, Chennai, Shillong, Gowhati, Patna, Goa etc in India and places like Malayasia, Singapur, Nepal in my personal capacity.

I have also participated in some Mushiaras along with poets like Sardar Jaafri, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Naushaad (poet-music director), Bashir Badr, Ahmed faraaz, Kaifi Aaazmi etc.

Writers' Forum, Jammu an organization of writers belonging to Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Dogri, Pahari and Gojri is working as chairman of the Writers' Forum , Jammu , an organization registered with J&k Academy of Art, culture & languages.

I have worked as Under Secretary, Additional Secretary, Secretary and Commissioner/Secretary to Government in Civil Secretariat and as Labour Commissioner, Relief Commissioner, Director, Food Supplies, Director, Libraries,Director, Stationary and Printing etc. outside the Civil Secretariat in Jammu and Kashmir Admministration. I retired from Government Services as Commissioner/ Secretary to Government, ARI & Trainings Department in IAS Cadre.